Visiting Georgia

Last week, on May 19 and 20, I had the great honor and privilege to visit the University of Georgia in Tbilisi, having a wonderful reception by dr. Leli Bibilashvili and dean Natia Kaladze, and several other professors, teachers and researchers at this excellent University. I was given the opportunity to present and discuss the outline of our researchproject on what communication professionals do, in essence a fresh and elaborate version of this video:

I was very impressed by the interest and questions I received, focussing on what we expect to get out of this research. This includes a couple of things (see also here: but mainly to have a better, well measured, understanding what we (can) do with communication management – internationally. We will explore further opportunities to connect students (and teachers) from the University of applied sciences in Leiden (and maybe other participating Universities) to further connect with the University of Georgia.
It is great to see that all participating countries now can (and do!) compare themselves in detail with each other, we’ll have a lot to discuss!

All project-info, and the questionnaire in 7 languages (Georgian and Polish are coming soon!), can be found here:

And for the EUPRERA-members among you: please join our webinar on June 8 2022; more info here:

To anyone who wants to know more on our project, and/or wants to contribute: please contact me or the contact person in your country, to be found here:

All the best,

Piet Hein Coebergh